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7-seat MU-X

On or off-road, the 7-seat MU-X performs with perfection. Thanks to its exclusive 3.0L Isuzu turbo diesel engine power, effortless 430Nm of torque and intuitive 6 speed transmission, the MU-X has what it takes to get you across town or around Australia.


Discover the MU-X with Deb Wayman as she takes you through her favourite features below:

MG Explore the <br> 7-seat MU-X


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  • 3.0 Tonne Towing

    The MU-X’s powerful diesel engine pulls trailers, boats and caravans up hill and down the highway without breaking a sweat.

  • SatNav & Reversing Camera

    Know what's behind you while parking. Touch-screen SatNav system ensures you get to your destination.

  • Leather Accented Seats

    Experience ultimate driving luxury with leather accented seats, standard on the top of the range LS-T models.

  • Passive entry start system§

    A smart key offers an innovative and simple way to lock and unlock the vehicle.




    Towing, touring or city cruising, the MU-X can take on it all. The Isuzu 3.0L turbo diesel engine delivers a massive 430Nm of torque matched with either a 6-speed manual or 6-speed automatic transmission. Using highly-advanced Isuzu common-rail diesel technology this balances the power with superior fuel efficiency. The end result is outstanding performance to tackle any hill, overtake on the freeway and tow what you like without constant visits to the fuel station.



    At the heart of every MU-X is the famous 3.0L Isuzu engine, exclusive to the Isuzu range. It’s one of Isuzu’s most popular engines, now powering your Isuzu SUV.

    • 3.0L Turbo Diesel

      The secret to producing efficient power is having a large capacity, under-stressed engine that can cope with any challenge. The exclusive 3.0L turbo diesel engine is why the MU-X delivers more power and torque using less fuel, making it one of the most fuel efficient 7-seat SUVs out there.

    • 6-Speed Transmission

      Choose the intuitive 6-speed automatic and let the MU-X do all the smooth shifting for you. If you do wish to take control, select Rev-tronic mode for sequential shifting. Grade Logic technology makes sure you are in the correct gear when ascending and descending tough terrain.

    • Torque On Demand

      With 430Nm of torque on demand, you'll experience smooth acceleration with the MU-X no matter the load. From passengers in every seat, to hauling a trailer full of camping essentials, the MU-X will tackle the road ahead and any hill with ease.


      The MU-X has serious pulling power, with 3 tonne braked towing capacity across all models. Load up the back with all your gear, then hitch up a boat, caravan or trailer. Driving the MU-X you don’t ever have to leave anything behind.



      Diesel engines are 20-30% more efficient than petrol engines. The MU-X is so fuel efficient because our engineers have decades of experience in commercial transport, where every litre counts.

      • Common Rail Technology

        Isuzu’s super-high pressure common rail technology ensures you burn minimal fuel, while enjoying maximum performance from precise control over injection timing and the amount of fuel delivered.

      • Turbocharged

        The MU-X Variable Geometry System (VGS) constantly adjusts to achieve optimum air compression from low revs, which ensures minimal fuel consumption with maximum torque across the rev-range.

      • Aerodynamic Design

        When the MU-X was designed, it underwent extensive testing to ensure its shape provided outstanding aerodynamics and created a low drag co-efficiency (Cd) figure. The sleek final result not only improves fuel efficiency, the shape reduces cabin noise for a quieter, more comfortable ride.

        ON & OFF-ROAD

        Dirty, dusty off-road adventure is where the MU-X really shines, with engineering and technology features that’ll keep you going across all types of terrain.

        • 4x4 & 4x2

          Like to tour the tarmac? Or hungry for off-road adventure? Everyone's different, so the MU-X offers both 4x4 and 4x2 options.

        • 4x4 Terrain Command

          The MU-X is equipped with super easy to use 4x4 Terrain Command. So when you discover that secret beach or hidden mountain range, simply select 4H at speeds up to 100km/h.  Or if the going gets tough, you won't be stopped in your tracks with 4L providing extreme traction and complete control.

        • Hill Start Assist & Descent Control

          Take on any challenge with Hill Start Assist which prevents vehicle roll-back when starting on steep gradients (above 5.7 degrees). Hill Descent Control gives you the confidence to tackle any downhill terrain by ensuring maximum traction.

        • Underbody Protection

          The MU-X 4x4 models have sturdy steel underbody protection, including a steel sump and transfer case guard, to take the knocks in punishing off-road conditions.

        • Rugged Suspension

          The MU-X has specifically developed High-Ride coil spring and gas shock suspension that balances firmness with suppleness for a comfortable ride without compromising handling.




          Whether you’re driving city streets, or discovering a new dirt track, the MU-X is designed to command attention and always impress with its great looks and contemporary style.



          To complement the modern exterior, the 7-seat MU-X features a range of stylish and practical design touches.

          Bi-LED Projector Lights Fog Lights Side Steps Alloy Wheels Katana Line Electronic Fold In Mirrors with LED Indicators


          Within the sleek exterior of the MU-X lies a spacious and well thought out interior. Designed for optimum driver and passenger comfort, both on road and off.

          A-pillar Assist Handles Electroluminescent Display Abundant Storage Steering Wheel Controls Power Windows Climate Control Touchscreen Sat Nav System 10" Video Monitor


          Designed For Comfort Ease of Access 7 Seat SUV Split / Fold Seats 10" Video Monitor


          No matter where you are headed, the MU-X has all the entertainment and technology features to keep everyone in the family happy.

          LS-T & LS-U MODELS

          • Touchscreen Audio and Satellite Navigation System

            Listen to your favourite tunes through the impressive 8-speaker audio system featuring touchscreen SatNav with live traffic updates. (Standard on LS-T & LS-U models.) The LS-T also comes standard with a rear fold-down 10" monitor to entertain backseat passengers.

          • Sky Sound, iPhone® and USB connectivity

            Plug your iPhone® or other USB devices directly so you can play music or simply charge it up, while enjoying a premium audio experience with Sky Sound, our roof-mounted surround sound system.

          • Reversing Camera

            For extra convenience when reversing into tight spots or hitching a trailer.

          • Bluetooth Connectivity

            For a safe hands-free experience, let your phone talk to the speakers via Bluetooth®. You can also stream music from various devices

          • 10" Video Monitor

            The fold-down 10 inch monitor provides a clear image display, which can be easily viewed by both the second and third row occupants. (LS-T models only)

            LS-M MODELS

            • Touchscreen Display Audio System

              Drive with your favourite sounds from the 8-speaker audio system that features a touchscreen display.

            • Sky Sound, iPhone® and USB connectivity

              Plug your iPhone® or other USB devices directly so you can play music or simply charge it up, while enjoying a premium audio experience with Sky Sound, our roof-mounted surround sound system.

            • Reversing Camera

              For extra convenience when reversing into tight spots or hitching a trailer.

            • Bluetooth Connectivity

              For a safe hands-free experience, let your phone talk to the speakers via Bluetooth®. You can also stream music from various devices for quick and easy listening of your favourite tunes.

              MU-X COLOURS

              Choose from a variety of contemporary colours that make the MU-X look equally good cruising city streets or heading off on an off-road adventure.

              • Magnetic Red Mica

              • Cosmic Black Mica

              • Obsidian Grey Mica

              • Titanium Silver Metallic

              • Silky White Pearl

              • Splash White

                • Accessories

                  Make the MU-X all yours with Isuzu UTE Genuine Accessories.

                • Service Plus

                  Learn more about our comprehensive care that's with you all the way.

                  DRIVE WITH CONFIDENCE

                  MU-X RELIABILITY



                  Juggling the daily routine, or tossing up which rugged track to take next, you need a vehicle you can rely on to keep up the pace.

                  YEAR WARRANTY




                  SERIOUS ENGINEERING

                  The MU-X was designed with engineering details that only Isuzu would think of. Here are some clever design features beneath the skin.

                  Steel Timing Chain

                  Fancy replacing the timing belt? Probably not, so the MU-X doesn’t have one. Instead, a heavy-duty steel timing chain designed to last the life of your engine.

                  Ladder Chassis

                  There’s a lot riding on the ladder chassis specifically designed for the MU-X. Built super strong, it’s made for long term durability and to improve stability when you’re loaded or towing.

                  Split Camshafts

                  This unique Isuzu engine design eliminates backlash on deceleration, reducing engine wear.

                  Heavy-Duty Isuzu Engine

                  Isuzu Diesel engines are built to withstand higher temperatures and pressures than other engines. The powerful and efficient engine in the MU-X is tough by nature, hard wearing and delivers legendary Isuzu reliability.

                  MG SERIOUS ENGINEERING

                  BUILT FOR ADVENTURE

                  The MU-X is built from the ground up with the values that have made Isuzu famous – dependability, reliability and efficiency. Always ready for the long haul, the MU-X is made incredibly tough, so you can rely on it day after day for work, play and adventure.

                  MG BUILT FOR ADVENTURE

                  ISUZU UTE SERVICE PLUS

                  Service Plus is our commitment to our Isuzu customers. It’s our comprehensive care package providing complete peace of mind and no unexpected surprises when maintaining and servicing your vehicle. Our Service Plus package includes:

                  YEAR WARRANTY
                  Our vehicles are renowned for outstanding reliability and durability. We back this by providing every new vehicle with a bumper-to-bumper 6 year/150,000km^ warranty.

                  Our 6 year Isuzu UTE Roadside Assistance Program gives you worry-free motoring and ensures that you’re covered for any unexpected bumps in your journey. It’s complimentary on our entire Isuzu D-MAX and MU-X range.

                  Enjoy the peace of mind knowing there will be no surprises in your servicing costs and ensure you get the most from your vehicle by servicing it with our highly-skilled, factory trained technicians.

                  MG ISUZU UTE SERVICE PLUS

                  MU-X SAFETY
                  PEACE OF MIND

                   MU-X SAFETY <br /> PEACE OF MIND  MU-X SAFETY <br /> PEACE OF MIND


                  To give you complete peace of mind, the MU-X is fitted with the latest in sophisticated active and passive safety features, and every model comes with a maximum 5-star ANCAP safety rating.


                  ACTIVE SAFETY FEATURES

                  The MU-X is packed with built-in active safety features that keep you and your passengers safe by helping avoiding accidents.

                  • Reversing Camera

                    The MU-X gives you eyes in the back of your head with a reversing camera. Perfect for tricky parking situations, hitching a trailer or reversing out of a driveway.

                  • Electronic Stability Control (ESC)

                    The ultimate in active safety. ESC is created by a network of sensors throughout the MU-X that can detect if you're over or understeering. If so, ESC commands ABS, TCS and the engine management computer to make sure you stay in control. Intelligent protection, like a third hand on the steering wheel, keeping you safe.

                  • Emergency Brake Assist

                    In emergency situations, even the most experienced drivers can panic when hitting the brakes. EBA detects emergency braking and takes over, applying maximum pressure to dramatically reduce stopping distance.

                  • Anti-lock Braking System

                    Simple and always effective, ABS ensures your wheels don't lock up when braking in an emergency or on slippery surfaces.

                  • Hill Descent Control

                    This feature electronically applies the brakes to ensure a smooth, controlled descent, giving you the confidence to tackle the trickiest downhill terrain.

                  • Trailer Sway Control (TSC)

                    Designed to recognise early signs of dangerous trailer sway, TSC automatically applies the brake on individual wheels, as well as reducing engine torque, to bring the trailer safely back under control.

                  • Rear Park Assist

                    Reverse parking is a lot easier with Rear Park Assist which emits an audio signal that helps guide you into a car space.

                  • Electronic Brake-Force Distribution (EBD)

                    EBD spreads braking power to the wheels that need it most, front or rear, based on the load you're carrying. If the MU-X is fully loaded, EBD dramatically reduces your stopping distance.

                  • Traction Control System (TCS)

                    If the MU-X detects any wheel spin, the TCS applies brake pressure to the over spinning wheels to help restore traction and improve control.

                  • Hill Start Assist

                    For added driver control and safety, the MU-X electronic brake control will automatically engage Hill Start Assist to prevent vehicle roll-back when starting on steep gradients above 5.7 degrees.

                    PASSIVE SAFETY FEATURES

                    While the MU-X does everything it can to avoid driving incidents, there’s a range of built-in passive safety features just in case.

                    • 6 AIRBAGS

                      With front, side and curtain airbags, plus pre-tensioner seatbelts that pull you back when airbags are activated, the MU-X protects you and your passengers from all sides.

                    • ANTI-INTRUSION BARS

                      Sturdy anti-intrusion bars provide increased protection in the event on a side impact. Protection that complements the high-tensile steel cabin which offers outstanding strength and rigidity.

                    • PEDESTRIAN SAFETY BONNET

                      The smooth lines of the impact absorbing bonnet reduce the chance of injury to pedestrians in a collision.

                    • IMPACT ABSORBING CHASSIS

                      A large chassis rail cross-section provides exceptional impact energy absorption in the event of a frontal impact.

                      6 YEARS ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE

                      If you’re unlucky and have an accident, or get stranded far from home, we’ve got your back. The MU-X comes with our 6 year Roadside Assistance Program, so help is only a call away from our motoring organisation partners.

                      MG 6 YEARS ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE


                      The Bluetooth® word mark is owned by Bluetooth SIG, Inc. iPod® is a trademark of Apple, Inc. †Not all devices will be compatible and functionality may vary depending on the device. ‡Seats have leather touches or accents, but are not wholly leather. +3.0 tonne braked towing capacity on all MU-X models when fitted with an optional genuine Isuzu UTE tow bar kit. ^6 years/150,000km (whichever occurs first), for Eligible Vehicles with a Warranty Start Date on or after 1/1/19. Excludes trays & accessories. <6 years Roadside Assistance (unlimited kilometres) for Eligible Vehicles with a Warranty Start Date on or after 1/1/19. >The Capped Price Servicing Program (“CPS Program”) applies to Eligible Vehicles at Participating Isuzu UTE Dealers only. For 19MY & later vehicle models, the Capped Price Servicing covers the first 7 Scheduled Services for up to 7 years/105,000km (whichever occurs first). CPS Program is subject to change. For full terms & conditions, current pricing & model eligibility click here.